frequently asked physician questions

Do I have to give up the care of my patient after I refer to hospice?

No. Your relationship with your patient remains our priority. When your patient comes under the care of Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region, we become your partner. We will visit your patient, keep you updated on his/her condition, and advocate for services that he/she needs. Given your history with the patient, we will look to you for guidance about their values, preferred communication style, and medical history.

What will be my role if my patient receives palliative care from HPCCR?

You will remain the primary care physician for your patient, but he/she will also receive consultations from a palliative care physician or nurse practitioner from Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region. Our palliative care team will coordinate with you and your staff to jointly direct the treatment for the patient. We will facilitate communication among health care providers to ensure the best care for your patient.

Will I receive updates on my patient after referral?

Yes. We will stay in regular communication with you regarding your patient's condition.

If an early referral is made, but my patient is not yet eligible, will HPCCR follow my patient until he/she is hospice appropriate?

Yes. We are happy to stay in contact with you about your patient's condition until he/she becomes hospice appropriate.

What are the benefits to me/my staff?

When your patients come under the care of Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region, our care team will become their primary contact for care. That includes pain and symptom management, specific needs during and after business hours, emotional and spiritual support for the patient and family, help with advance care planning, and fewer trips to the Emergency Room. Our staff also helps the patient and family navigate the often-complex healthcare system.