Privacy Practices

Marketing Privacy

Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region (HPCCR) activities protect the privacy of health information and include provisions for individuals to opt out of receiving or being a part of marketing communications.


  • The HPCCR marketing department does not include an individual’s health-related information on any written communication pieces or use with marketing strategies with the purpose of making promises about our services.
  • The HPCCR marketing department obtains an individual’s authorization before using or disclosing his or her health-related information for marketing purposes or in marketing communications, such as brochures, newsletters, other community outreach documents for as long as they are in use.
  • The HPCCR marketing department does not allow its business associates (e.g. commercial printers, mail houses) to use protected health information for its own marketing purposes without obtaining authorizations from the individuals whom are the subject of the health information.
  • The organization's marketing communications (except for newsletters, brochures and other general communications) include a statement informing the recipient that he or she may change their mind and choose to opt out of future marketing communications, plus a description of how to do so. 
  • The HPCCR marketing department maintains a log of all individuals who have opted out of receiving future marketing communications.  The names and contact information of those individuals are flagged appropriately on our software database.

Notice of Privacy Practices