Support Groups

support groups cropped photoStructured Grief Support Groups

Grief: The Reluctant Journey is a structured grief support group that meets for a defined length of time, usually 6 – 8 weeks.  The support group allows group members a safe environment to experience empathetic support and a place where social isolation and feelings of loneliness are diminished.  Groups specific to spousal/partner loss, adult parent loss, adult child loss, young widow/widower, mature widower loss,  and child loss are offered.  A pre-group interview with a grief counselor is required for members of structured grief groups.  Please contact us or click here for more information.


In Good Company Monthly Drop In Groups

If you are interested in a more relaxed, informal group setting, come to one of our "Coffee & Conversation" support groups.  We offer camaraderie and an opportunity to check in with a grief counselor (and others) to share the highs and lows common to the experience of people who are grieving.  We have groups that meet monthly at our Uptown or South Charlotte offices.  Please contact us for more information or see our calendar of events for specific dates and times.

In-School Grief Groups

School personnel are encouraged to contact us with requests for in-school grief support groups.  Groups are offered at school during regular school hours over a period of several sessions.