Hospice Heroes

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Purpose of Hospice Heroes

To engage volunteers in support of the specialized programs and services of Hospice & Palliative Care Lincoln County (HPCLC)

Eligible participants

Local businesses and organizations (currently in Lincoln County), and their staff and employees

Benefits of the program

  • Opportunity for local businesses, organizations and individuals to support neighbors by partnering with HPCLC
  • Opportunity to raise awareness and increase the number of volunteers for HPCLC
  • Outstanding training that prepares each volunteer for service in a variety of fulfilling capacities
  • Official designation as an HPCLC Hospice Heroes organization
  • Public recognition of all Hospice Heroes through t-shirts featuring the Hospice Heroes and HPCLC logos
  • Media exposure and recognition, including:  Volunteer Newsletter distributed to more than 450 recipients, recruitment ads in local newspapers and/or online, HPCLC Facebook page and blog
  • Flexibility in volunteer assignments: volunteer assignments can be shared and hours pooled by several employees of the partnering business


  • Commitment from local businesses, organizations, and individuals to partner with HPCLC 
  • Commitment by individuals to serve as an HPCLC volunteer for one year upon completion of training
  • Commitment to serve as an HPCLC volunteer for a minimum of 36 hours (including training) within a one-year commitment period
  • Commitment from participating businesses and organizations to provide at least 1% of total workforce to serve as HPCLC volunteers