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14 Joyful Ways to Take Charge of Your Mental Health

"...spring into taking charge of your mental health and doing some things that stimulate you and bring joy."

Did you know May is Mental Health Awareness Month?

It is not necessarily a time to make resolutions - like the first of the year - but May is a good time to spring into taking charge of your mental health and doing some things that stimulate you and bring joy. This is especially important for caregivers who may sometimes be too tired to do much self-care, but still need some time to rest and rejuvenate. Some of the suggestions you will find below involve doing, while others are about simply being- but perhaps with a different way of thinking.

  1. Keep Active - A little movement each day goes a long way.

  2. Eat Well - Too much junk and you will feel like junk.

  3. Keep in Touch - A text, email, phone, Zoom call, or socially responsible in-person visit will help keep you connected.

  4. Take a Break - A change of scenery or pace is important; and if you are a caregiver, don’t be afraid to ask for help to get a break.

  5. Do Something You’re Good At - Success brings joy. Give yourself some opportunities for joy.

  6. Surround Yourself With Supportive People - People who value you make you feel valuable.

  7. Quiet Your Mind - Learn to ‘turn it off,’ if only for five minutes at a time.

  8. Re-charge - Your phone needs to recharge and so do you. Rest, relax, and do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t run out of power.

  9. Learn to be Fully Present and Learn to be Fully Absent - Work 100% and be off 100%.

  10. Give Up Hope for a Better Past - The past is gone. The only way to change the book of your history is by becoming the author of your upcoming chapters.

  11. Go Outside - The pollen is gone, so now you can breathe and enjoy the beauty of the season.

  12. Take a Digital Detox - Put down the phone, iPad/tablet, or computer. Look up instead of down and enjoy what you see.

  13. Laugh - Just laugh… again and again and again.

  14. Listen to Good Music - However you define it, there’s nothing like good tunes to relax the mind.

Whether you do all of these, just a few, or even just one, take some time for your mental health!


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