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A Very Special Visit For A Very Special Patient

A very special 6 year old patient at Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region’s Levine & Dickson Hospice House - Huntersville received a very special visit this past Friday.

Our patient just LOVES Spiderman and while he has been at LDHH-Huntersville for just over a week now, already his room is covered in Spiderman décor! Stuffed animals, action figures, coloring books, clothing, blankets, you name it…lots of Spiderman! Even his room windows have been “painted” with spider webs.

While he was at the Children’s hospital, Spiderman would visit him from time to time…and the room would light up with his smile!

Our special patient is battling a progressive brain tumor which is causing frequent seizures and painful headaches. Despite the pain, his smile shines thru for a few things…Spiderman, Chocolate, and of course, his mom.

Lindsay, our Kids Path Social Worker, coordinated with Spiderman to brighten his day last Friday.

Our special patient smiles a big smile and pretends to shoot webs from his palms, while also calling out “Spiderman!” when “Spidey” enters his room. In the picture, our patient and Spiderman are shooting their best webs together!

Our amazing Kids Path Team shown are Michelle Huff, Kids Path Team Manager, Amanda Parry, Kids Path Nurse, Spiderman, Lindsey Gregory, Kids Path Social Worker, and Joseph Thomas, Kids Path Chaplain.

The pure joy Spiderman brought to our patient, his family, the Kids Path Team, and LDHH-Huntersville was palpable all day! Such a special day for a very special 6 year old!


To learn more about our Pediatric Hospice Care Program, Kids Path®, visit us here.

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