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Celebrating Susan Anderson

Life Matters Newsletter - Fall 2021

When HPCCR medical social worker Susan Anderson enters a room, veterans of all ages snap to attention. It is an honor she has earned through her work supporting veterans who are on their hospice journey.

With the help of the Veterans Heart Group, Susan has made it her mission to recognize our nation’s heroes.

“Susan is fantastic at working with families to craft a moment of meaningful recognition for the veterans under our care,” says HPCCR Senior Director of Clinical Services, Sharon Moore. “She is proof-positive that someone with passion can accomplish things that have lasting power.

When Susan recently announced her retirement, Veterans Heart Group Founder, Robert Phillips, invited his volunteer peers and HPCCR staff to surprise Susan with a

meaningful send off.

While she may have departed HPCCR, Susan’s legacy of making veterans feel honored and appreciated will last forever.


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