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Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region First in NC to Adopt Muse's Machine Learning Tool

With the common patient-centered mission that Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region and Muse Healthcare share, it's exciting to announce that HPCCR is the first in North Carolina to adopt Muse's powerful machine learning tool. "Muse's predictive model considers hundreds of thousands of data points from numerous visits to identify which hospice patients are most likely to transition within 7-12 days. The science that powers Muse is considered a true deep learning neural network – the only one of its kind in the hospice space." ~

"When hospice care providers can more accurately predict when their patients will transition, they can ensure their patients and the patients' families receive the care that matters most in the final days and hours of a patient's life."

Muse Healthcare was founded in 2019 by three leading hospice industry professionals -- Jennifer Maxwell, Tom Maxwell, and Bryan Mosher. Their mission is to equip clinicians with world-class analytics to ensure every hospice patient transitions with unparalleled quality and dignity.

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